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This is the Writer's District, a community for writers as well as readers of original work. Nice to see you! If you've just joined us then feel free to have a nose around and see if we fit your tastes. You're more than welcome to introduce yourself to the members at the Coffee House, and before joining the community it's advised you read up on various introductory posts to get yourself familiar with how things run around here. Once you know the ropes, get stuck in and give us some of your work! (:

If you're a regular then welcome back, it's great to see you again and if there's anything I can do for you don't hesitate to PM me.

Wishing writers and readers the best of luck with their work and critiquing.

~ Avoria (Your Friendly Neighbourhood Mod)

Writing Exercise: Week #4

Hi guys! Been a while, hasn't it? I suppose that's what happens when you actually try to have a life (note to self, give up on this task for a while xD). Apologies for the delay, but here is the 'fourth' week of the writing exercises. Responses to the last one were awesome! I hope you continue to watch this community and share your work with us, even if sometimes it doesn't seem like there's much going around.


Imagine you - or a character of yours - either lacked or gained a sense. Write a short excerpt of a day in their life.

Also, as a further note, I'd just like announce that we recently became affiliated with novel_bigbang. It's a writing community that encourages authors to bang out a work of at least 20,000 words by a given date, at which point their piece will be snagged by a signed-up artist who illustrates. I would have announced this earlier, but by the time I came across it I had already missed the authors' deadline, so there seemed little point in actually advertising it.

However, beta readers and first readers are always needed (as are artists still, I think), so go over and make yourself known. I know that a lot of people there will be posting their work here come the posting dates in October (myself included) so hopefully it'll generate some really, really good work.

That's about it from me today, hope you're all keeping well.

~The Mods

Writing Exercise: Week #3

'Are you parting with it?'
'Yes, family issues.'

'New furniture, right. Let's.'

The index finger scar; building rafts with Grandfather.

Six words is so difficult to do, goodness. I had to use eight. But these are really fun, you can make them as ambiguous or as opaque as you like. I've loved reading all the others, will comment in a moment.

Weekly Exercise #3 (Very Short Story)

I don't like you but I don't remember why I hated you in the first place either...

Short Story (Really!)

   A dragon ate a girl. She was disgusting, so it threw her up. The girl was not happy.

Writing Exercise: Week #3

Yes, I know, I missed last weekend: my mum got married, so as you can imagine, there wasn't much time for related related things ^^

Anyway, moving on to this week's exercise. I'm sure many of you will have heard of Ernest Hemingway's six word story. No? Either to answer a bet or simply to participate in a writing challenge, Hemingway wrote the shortest story he possibly could and it amounted to just six words.
For sale: baby shoes. Never used.

So my challenge for you this week, dear authors, is to: write the shortest possible story you can imagine. Three sentences at most.

See what you can come up with and, who knows -- maybe it'll inspire you to write something longer ;)

Until next week,

~The Mods

April/August ★/ prologue.

Title : April/August
Rating : Teen
Genre : Fantasy, romance
Summary : April/August is a story of two people - two completely different people, with different likes, different families, different goals, different life expectancies. August is meant to destroy the world; April is meant to save it. They shouldn't know each other; they shouldn't like each other. But whoever said opposites attract was a wise man.
Author's Note : I've been having a lot of stuff going on in my life lately and I just needed some time to work on something just for me. I started this ages ago and I really want to finish it. If you want, I have some character and plot information here.
Copyright Notice : All characters in this story belong to me. Any similarities between these characters and events with real life occurrences are purely coincidental. You do not have permission to recreate, reconstruct or copy and part of this fiction, even for non-profit, personal use.

( August felt as if he should remember the day April moved to Herbishire. )

Love's Lonely Touch

 I closed my heart
only to open for friends to see.
When I fling open the doors
for a love that I find,
his gentle touch brings
to life the butterflies.
They flutter and whisper,
tender to the Touch.
When his loving Touch
left to worlds unknown,
the butterflies died inside.
Sad and Lonely crept
into my eyes and wept.
You are strong told the Touch,
All a lie, my heart knew.
I still love you!
my heart cries out.
Never to be heard by his ears.
He has only seen the strong spirit,
but never the frail heart it holds.
If only He knew.

Writing Exercise: Week #2

(Shhh, Monday is still the weekend >_<)

Hell everyone, it's that time again. Last week's writing exercise is still open (as they all will be), but here's another one to add to the database:

Write a story set a thousand years in the past. In this story, let there be a break-up of a relationship.

Note: 'relationship' does not necessarily mean a romantic one, in this case.

There's a flexible word count (as in, there isn't one), but if you really do want to challenge yourself, try a short story rather than a long one.

Hoping to see some good stuff from you guys this week!

~The Mods

Discussion Corner

Well, things have been all quiet here since we opened earlier this week [not that I can blame anyone, I've had a hectic few days of it myself], but I thought I would try to get through to some of you lot out here warily eyeing this community and wondering what you can do to be a part of it.

So today I'm bringing forward a Discussion Corner, to get those of you who are writing a little more on board and those of you who like to read eyeing some stuff up as well.

If you're a writer, what are you currently working on at the moment? How far have you got? Have you hit any plot holes you just can't get through? Just tell us a bit about your work. It can be something really private you haven't told anyone you're working on, to your soon-to-be publicised WIP ... either way, talking about it can help, even if it's just to explain what's going on in your head.

If you're a reader, what's your favourite genre? Have you read anything recently that really grips you? Is there anything you absolutely hate to read? Are you still waiting for that perfect story - if so, what sorts of things would it have in it? Feel free to expand on any of this. Just tell us a little about your interests right now. Who knows? You may inspire someone (maybe even yourself!) into writing something!

Writing Challenge

Hello everyone! Bumbling around on the internet, as you do, I thought I might pass on a writing challenge, mostly because it's fun:

Write a paragraph of description using absolutely no adjectives.

Anyone who manages to do this will get ... um, I don't know, a gold star :D

See? Isn't it pretty!

Good luck everyone, and hey, thanks for joining in (:


17.05.10 - A warm welcome to a few new members, nice to see some new faces hanging around here (: This week's writing exercise has now gone live and more is being added to the community as time goes on. I'll be giving information of various writing competitions I can find, too, so watch this space.

10.05.10 - Welcome to all of our news members and thank you so much for joining! Feel free to head over to The Coffee House and introduce yourselves. Maybe this is the beginning of things starting to warm up...

08.05.2010 - Individual invitations went out this morning so if you're here because of that, a warm hello to you. And a very warm welcome to our newest member, rosie_not_rose.

07.05.2010 - Membership is now open so LJers can join and post and start to poke their heads up from underground. But there is still a lot more to work out, so do bear with us.

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